What to Do Following an Extension to Your Home

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Many people choose to extend their homes these days and the reasons to do so are widespread. You might want to reinvest in the property market without moving to a larger property, for example, or perhaps you simply need more space in your current home. Whatever your reason for choosing to extend there are some steps you should put in place immediately afterwards to integrate the new part of the home with the pre-existing section.

Clearing Up

All extensions create mess and disruption. In many cases, the workmen have only been able to gain access to the extension through your home. Rather than treading dust and debris throughout your residence, it is important to do a thorough builders clean before you get on with any decorative works. Brick dust and sawdust can soon build up on any building site, no matter how small, so a builders' exit clean is essential to maintain the look of your home's interior décor.

Walls and Ceilings

Before you think about anything else, it is important to deal with the walls and ceilings. If they are to be plastered, then this needs to be conducted soon after the building works have been completed . Allow the plaster to dry out thoroughly before applying paint. A good tip is to cover newly skimmed walls and ceilings with a PVA solution as this means that any paint you later paint over is less likely to be absorbed and therefore offer you a better finish.

Skirting and Doors

If your extension has been fitted with UPVC window frames, doors and skirting boards, then there is little that you will need to do. However, more traditional wooden frames and skirting boards need to be painted once your wall treatments are completed to keep them protected. Done in this order, any dripped or sprayed emulsion paint is painted over to create a good finish. Use a small brush and opt for a gloss paint which will spread out to create a smooth look which is ideal for all sorts of wood work.

Floor Treatments

Only after your paintwork is completed should you consider what sort of floor treatment to add. To integrate the extension with the rest of your home, it is a good idea to lay new carpet in the connecting room and run the same floor covering through the extension. This way, no join is required between the carpets, and the extension instantly becomes a more integral part of the home. Tiling the floor may mean that you create a further mess from tile adhesive and grout, so you may need to consider a second deep clean service if you opt for this sort of floor treatment.