Rubbish Waste Management Tips for Building Owners

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Owning or managing a building means that you're responsible for keeping the property itself neat and tidy, and free of rubbish. An unkempt property can increase the risk of pest infestation and also lower the property's value; for an apartment or retail complex, it can also mean the risk of losing potential tenants. Note a few tips for managing your property's rubbish, so the exterior area always looks clean and is free of debris.

Regularly inspect the dumpster

If you have an outside dumpster for the property, you need to inspect it regularly; if a door is difficult to open because of rust or corrosion, or any such damage, tenants are likely to just stack their rubbish outside the dumpster. Note what days the dumpster seems to fill up quickly, and adjust your pickup schedule as needed, so rubbish doesn't overflow on those days.

Also, be sure there is always easy access to the dumpster, keeping mind that tenants aren't likely to even attempt to walk through high weeds or muddy soil, or try to open a gate that doesn't move easily. Never assume that even a new dumpster is in good condition, but inspect it often so you know to maintain it as needed.

Create a pickup day

If your tenants often toss out very large items that fill up the dumpster, create a special pickup day every month, or as often as needed. You can have your waste management company bring in a large dumpster meant for furniture, filing cabinets, and other such items, and allow your tenants to dispose of those items on that day. This will keep them from filling up the dumpster, causing tenants to leave rubbish on the ground, and will also reduce the amount of time your maintenance staff may need to spend collecting such large pieces throughout the month.

Get a garbage chute

If your building has upper stories, consider a garbage chute. This can be installed in those stories and connected to an outside dumpster, or one kept in a parking garage. This will ensure tenants don't let trash pile up in their apartments or offices, and don't leave it right outside exit doors on the first floor simply because they don't want to keep walking to a nearby dumpster. A chute can also make it easier for office cleaners to manage the rubbish they collect, so they won't be tempted to overlook rubbish on those upper floors and won't drop any of it in elevators. Contact a company like Qwik Chutes for more information.