3 Considerations When Planning Your Curtain Dry Cleaning Schedule

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If you have curtains adorning your doors and windows, then you're probably wondering how to plan a dry cleaning schedule to make sure they don't look filthy and timeworn whenever you have guests at home. The idea of putting them back and taking them down is enough to stress you out, but keeping them clean should be a priority to ensure they don't carry any disease-causing bacteria that could make your family members sick. You can either pick them up from the dry cleaner or have them delivered – but make sure you consider these factors when planning your dry cleaning schedule.

1. Consider The Location 

The location of your curtains will have an impact on your dry cleaning schedule because some parts of the house are likely to get dirtier than others. For example, if you have curtains near your kitchen, then grime and dirt from the cooking process may cause the curtains to become stained and discoloured if they are not cleaned regularly. In comparison, curtains in lesser frequented areas like guest bedrooms may not need to be cleaned as often. If the curtains are placed in busier rooms or against open doors and windows, then you may need to dry clean them more often. 

2. Consider The Health Of Your Family Members 

The health of your family members may also play a role in your dry cleaning schedule because curtains are made from cloth and can easily absorb dirt and dust. If you don't clean your curtains, accrued dust and dirt might grow mildew over time. This could cause allergies to manifest and may make people in your household very sick. If you have young kids or older family members living with you, it may be worth dry cleaning your curtains more often to keep everyone safe and disease-free. 

3. Consider The Level Of Airborne Dust In Your Area 

Some areas in Australia are dustier than others for a variety of reasons. For example, if you live in an isolated part of regional Australia, then prolonged dry conditions may cause excess airborne dust which could easily settle in your curtains. If you live in a new suburb with plenty of construction around you, then your curtains may be more prone to dust than otherwise. If you know that your suburb has more airborne dust, then it may be a wise choice to get your curtains dry cleaned more frequently. 

Dry cleaning curtains are well worth it to maintain a clean and dust-free home. For more information on scheduling your dry cleaning pickup, contact your local cleaning service.