5 Reasons to Choose Commercial Dry Cleaning for Your Curtains

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You probably vacuum carpets more than once a week and occasionally have them steam cleaned. However, you might not give as much thought to your curtains. True, it's not like anyone is going to walk on your curtains, but they can still pick up dust and other stains, so regular cleaning is a good idea.

Here are just five reasons you should have your curtains commercially dry cleaned.

1. Less Chance of Tearing

Most people don't understand the stress curtains go through. They're mainly used to block out the sun but curtains themselves get weakened by ultraviolet rays. Unfortunately, this means curtains that have been hung for quite some time are often much weaker than they used to be. Throwing them in a washing machine can result in rips and tears, or it can simply further weaken the material. A commercial dry cleaning service will work carefully to reduce the risk of damage.  

2. Protect the Lining

It isn't just the outer curtain fabric you need to worry about. Most curtains have some sort of lining, and the lining is usually quite delicate. If you try washing curtains at home, you might destroy the lining. This makes your curtains less efficient at blocking out light and heat, and you'll usually notice that damaging the lining results in curtains that don't seem to hang right.

3. Avoid Stretching

Shrinkage is always a possibility when you're cleaning curtains. That's why most professional curtain cleaners use specialist cleaning equipment that keeps the fabric stretched during the cleaning process to eliminate the risk of shrinkage. You might get a little shrinkage regardless if it's the first time your curtains have been cleaned, but that should be it.

4. Range of Chemicals

You're not going to have access to the same range of cleaning chemicals at the disposal of commercial curtain cleaners. Curtains are often made from several different fabrics, many of which won't be compatible with the type of detergents you would use at home. Use the wrong chemicals, and you can ruin your curtains. That's not something you'll have to worry about when you contact a professional.

5. Extremely Convenient

Washing your own curtains can be a real chore, so why not hand the job off to someone else? Plenty of curtain cleaning companies can assign people to come take the drapes down and transport them to the cleaning facility. When everything is done, they'll be bought back and hung right up. You don't need to lift a finger.

For more information, contact your local bulk curtain laundry services.