4 Important Pre-Removal Activities For Asbestos Removal Projects

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The process of asbestos removal begins way before the experts start pulling out pieces of asbestos with different hand tools. Several pre-removal activities help in making the actual physical removal of the asbestos possible and smooth.

Here is a highlight of what these pre-removal activities are and why they are very crucial to the process of asbestos removal.

1.      Sample Collection And Analysis

Analysing the samples collected during the initial inspection will reveal the type of asbestos present, where it is and how much of it there is in your home or business. Asbestos removal becomes the only appropriate course of action to follow if the survey shows that the asbestos present in your property is friable and poses an immediate risk.

2.      Project Planning

Asbestos removal projects require a lot of caution, which is why you should entrust these projects to seasoned professionals. That said, the team will do a risk assessment of your property and identify the best way to go about the asbestos removal.

Taking into account the type and amount of asbestos present, accessibility of the site and other factors, the experts can come up with a detailed work plan that will guide the project going forward.

How big a crew will it take to handle the project? How long will it take? What hand tools will the team require for the job? These are among key questions that the plan will address.

3.      Site Containment

Site containment is a top priority before the physical asbestos removal project can begin. Containment ensures that the asbestos does not spread to other parts of your house or business during the removal.

The team will use heavy plastic sheets to seal off the area where the asbestos is present. It may also be necessary to use a protective cover over the areas that will be untouched during the process.

The crew will also go about placing warning signs to avoid unauthorised entry to the site by neighbours and others. This is especially true for asbestos removal projects that involve large amounts of the harmful material.

4.      Setting Up Equipment

Once the area is sealed off, the crew will shut down the HVAC system in your property and set up the negative pressure machines. Both of these secure the contaminants and ensure that they do not escape into other areas through the ventilation system.

Each of the outlined pre-removal activities is as important as the actual asbestos removal process. Professionals appreciate this truth, and you can trust the experts to do it all diligently.